How To Enable Screen Light Effects In Realme Devices

Today I’m going to teach you how to enable screen light effects on Realme device.

But before I go on to teach, I want to let you know exactly why you should use this feature.

For example, if you leave your phone somewhere and do something, just at that moment someone gives you an important call or message, naturally you will not see any of that call or message notification until unlock the phone.

But the Light Effects feature will help you with this problem. If you get a message or any call, this feature will notify you by turning on the colorful lights around the mobile from time to time.

So if you miss any important call or SMS while working, you can check instant notification only for this feature. Neon Purple, Ocean Blue, and Amber Orange colors, etc available for lighting.

Enable Screen Light Effects

By the way, let’s turn on the Screen Light Effects now.

screen light effects

Step 1: At first go to your phone “Setting” from bar.

Step 2: Then find the “Display & Brightness” and click to enter.

Step 3: From below tap the “Screen Light Effects” option.

Step 4: Now choose your desired light color for “Incoming Calls” and “Lock Screen” items.

But keep in mind that if your Realme device display isn’t AMOLED, you won’t able to enjoy this feature.

Also remember that you can use this feature on your Realme X, 5 Pro, 3 Pro, and XT models.

Incoming Calls Light

In the case of incoming calls, the lights will continue to be on/off after the end of a call. This will basically let you know that you have received a call.

In this case you can pick a random color of your choice.

Lock Screen Light

It is the same as Incoming Calls. This feature also will notify you by lighting that you got a new message. Here you can also pick a color of your own choice.


Most of the other company’s mobile devices have not this feature. And as far as I know this feature is only available on Realme phones.

As a Realme fan, you are so lucky in this chapter.

From now on, you will not miss your important calls or messages. And in fact, you will not be harmed.

Do not forget to comment here if you face any problem.