How To Protect Personal Information In Realme Smartphone

Today you will learn to protect personal information in Realme smartphone.

We all know that Google, Facebook, Zoom, some websites, and many applications steal our sensitive data. Sometimes, they sell our data to third party websites.

But do you know why they collect our data and sell them?

Suppose you want to buy a brand new smartphone tomorrow. And to find out which phone would be best for you, do a Google search or post on Facebook or search in different phone related groups.

At this point Google, Facebook will follow you and show you different types of phone related ads. So that you can buy the phone by clicking on their ad.

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Most third party websites will use your information for promoting different types of products to you.

Suppose again, you buy your desired product by giving them all the information of your credit card in case of purchasing that.

But after a while days you found out that your credit card has been hacked.

This time the hacker sold the credit card information on the dark web.

I think it is absolutely horrible. Because the loss is more than the profit. And everything has happened for only leaked our personal information.

Hopefully, the matter has become clear to you.

That is why we should take immediate action to prevent our information from being leaked.

But unfortunately no mobile company will provide you with any features or options to protect your information. But the Realme phone is completely different in this case.

With their fans in mind, they have put the personal information protection feature on their devices.

So you do not need to use any third party app for protecting your data from thieves.

Personal Information Protection

Now we are going to learn the steps to enable personal information protection from anyone.

So let’s get started.

enable realme personal protection

Step 1: At first open your “Smartphone Settings” and scroll down.

Step 2: Here you will see the “’Security/Privacy” option. Just click on it.

Step 3: At number 3 you will see the “Personal Information Protection” function. Tap to open this.

Step 4: Now toggle the “Smart Protection Turn-on” button for enable this feature.

Cool, you have successfully enabled this feature.

If you want you can also turn on this protection for any specific application like Truecaller, Facebook, Chrome, etc.

Sometimes we install different types of apps and games on our phone.

As an example, when we go to install a file, the desired app asks us for access to several things.

Notably, they want access to our contact list, camera access, file manager reader access, and a number of other sensitive data.

In that case, we give them access to all those things just to install the app. Moreover, if we do not give access then we will not be able to install that app.

But this Personal Information Protection feature will help you a lot with this problem.

Basically when you have to give access to install an application, this protection feature will smartly replace your sensitive data with blank spaces.


Hope you have read the whole article and learned something new.

So if you do not protect yourself yet, then immediately protect everything of your data from untrusted apps and websites.

And to help you, this Realme protection feature is knocking your door.

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