How To Install Google Camera On Realme (All Phones)

Learn how to install Google Camera on Realme device with the 100% success rate.

A Lot of people have complained to me that they are having trouble installing this GCam on their device.

Realme and GCamera, after doing a little research on these two issues I realized that if you want to use the Google Camera on your phone, then you have to use a specific version for a specific phone.

Also keep in mind, all Realme devices support this GCam application. Just you have to run the specific version.

Google Camera Features

This camera app is made up of all the great features. That is why basically everyone wants to use it on their phone.

Before using this app, read the whole features from below.

  • Photos never go to bursts due to HD photography
  • Astrophotography mode is available with 15x zoom
  • Make slow motion videos without video editor
  • Panorama allows you to capture 360° photos
  • Like DSLR, blur everything around you when taking pictures

And many more features you will enjoy from this application.

Install Google Camera On Realme

Already I have said that you have to use a specific version of Google Camera for a specific device.

Due to which the latest version can’t be downloaded/installed from the Google Play Store.

So read the tutorial below to know how to download and install it.

Step 1: Go to your mobile “Settings” and turn on the “Unknown Source” option.

Step 2: Download the specific version for your Android device from here.

Step 3: After the download is complete, open this app from Phone Storage or SD card.

Step 4: Hit the “Install” button and wait.

Step 5: Launch the application after the installation process is complete.

Now take as many pictures as you want with your Realme phone.


Hope you now know how to install Google Camera on your Realm device.

In fact, it is because of Google’s program that a specific version runs on each mobile.

And if you use the workable version, then this GCam app can run smoothly without any problem.

I’m waiting now for your query.