How To Check/Find Realme IMEI Number [3 Methods]

Today you will learn how to check Realme IMEI number in 3 easy ways. IMEI’s full form is International Mobile Equipment Identity.

This IMEI number is basically given by the phone company to understand whether your device is unique, single, and original.

Let’s say you lost your phone. In that case you can make a General Diary at the Police Station through this number and also find your own phone by tracking the IMEI.

Also, this number helps us a lot. A few are mentioned below.

  • Check Warranty Status
  • Serial Number
  • Carrier Information
  • Phone Specification
  • Date of purchase
  • Phone Origin Country

Now you have understood how much this IMEI number is worth it.

So let’s learn how we can find out the IMEI number of the Realme device. And of course remember this International Mobile Equipment Identity has two numbers.

Check IMEI Number by Dialing

So let’s learn the first method from below.

Step 1: At first turn on the power of your Realme device.

Step 2: Open the phone call or dial pad option.

Step 3: Just dial *#06#, it will automatically show the IMEI numbers.

In my opinion this is the easiest method.

Find IMEI Number from Phone Settings

We can also find out the IMEI number from the phone settings if we want.

Step 1: Go to your phone “Settings” first.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the “About Phone” option.

Step 3: Now tap on the “Status” button.

Here you will easily get the 2 IMEI numbers.

Check IMEI Number by Sticker

When you bought the phone, you had got two stickers. One sticker was affixed to the back of your phone and the other was in your phone box.

You can also find your Realme IMEI number from these stickers. Or this number may be printed on the back of the phone instead of a sticker.


By using the above methods we can find or check Realme IMEI easily.

I suggest you make a note somewhere after finding the numbers. Because one day you may need these numbers.

So it is better to keep a backup in advance.

Also a little tip for you, you can easily know the device color, Android OS or Phone version, etc of your Realme phone from any IMEI number related website through this number.

Comment for any kind of confusion.