How To Enable Smart Assistant In Realme Phones

Learn how to enable Smart Assistant in Realme device and make your daily life easier.

First, it’s not a Google Assistant or something like that. This Realme Smart Assistant feature is built entirely and exclusively for Realme devices.

Basically it will work to make your daily life easier.

The mobile assistant basically works to make the work of its users easier.

For example, in Google Assistant you can play audio music or videos just by talking. The features of Smart Assistant are a lot like that.

Some of the coolest features made this another label.

Main Features

After enabling it, you will get the following features for using yourself.

  • Subscribe any service (contacts, football, cricket matches) to get update fast
  • Enter any application like Facebook, Chrome etc from Quick Function
  • Dynamic Services are available to give the real update of online orders
  • Convenience option to add weather, apps, music player etc
  • Customize Realme icons and more things according to your own choice

Every Realme UI users can enjoy this feature.

Enable Smart Assistant

It is so easy to turn on this feature from your phone. But to make your work even easier, below is a step by step guide.

So let’s learn.

Step 1: At first, go to your “Phone Setting”.

Step 2: Lightly scroll down and tap on “Smart Services” option.

Step 3: Here you get the “Smart Assistant” button. Just click to enable it.

You have successfully turn on the Realme assistant feature.


Hope, you have read the whole article and learned the tutorial.

To make my life more easier, I use this Smart Assistant every day on my phone for a long time.

Since I am enjoying the benefit of it, so I have decided to let you know it. And finally shared.

Feel free to comment your opinion here.

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