How To Enable Dark Mode In Realme Devices [2 Methods]

I saw there is a lot of people who want to enable dark mode in Realme device.

This is why I wrote this new article for you. If you want to use the Realme night version for yourself, read the whole article carefully now.

Many people have complained to me so far that their smartphone has no option of black mode. But that’s not really the case at all.

This is because the Realme phone authorities have integrated this night mode feature in all their phones.

That’s why I decided to share two methods so that anyone can enable this feature of their phone.

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By the way, let’s get started.

Dark Mode – Method 1

Now read the 1st method. Because your device may have the same function.

enable dark mode in realme

Step 1: As always enter to the “Phone Settings” first.

Step 2: Smoothly scroll down and click on the “realme Lab” option.

Step 3: If you see now “Dark Mode” option, tap to enter just.

Step 4: Toggle the “Enable Now” button for turn on the night mode in your device.

Your entire device is now in the dark version.

By using the same method you can also disable dark mode from your phone.

Dark Mode – Method 2

Some of Realme’s devices have slightly different functions than the ones above.

If you still cannot have to enable black theme on your phone by following the above steps, then you must learn this 2nd method.

realme dark mode

Step 1: Enter your “Phone’s Settings” as before.

Step 2: You will see the “Display & Brightness” option in the middle, click it.

Step 3: Now turn on the “Dark Mode” button.

The function of your phone must match any one of the above two methods.


The biggest advantage of using the night theme is that we can protect our eyes from the bad radiation of the mobile.

That’s why we should enable dark mode in Realme smartphone. And hope you have read the whole tips and turn it on for yourself.

Do not forget to comment here if you have any problem.